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i-Labz Logo creations

The displayed portfolio of logos & greaphic design is just a few live examples of the thousands of corporate identities that we have created for our satisfied customers for years. Our custom logo designing solutions guarantee complete creativity and originality for our clients, as exemplified in this page. Taking a look at the portfolio will help you to take an easy and sensible decision. Our main goal is to capture the essence of your business in a single image that commands attention and establishes your brand through our logo design expertise.


Our Portfolio

  • Expert Drug Testing
    Expert Drug Testing, concept
    The Sandwich Stop
    The Sandwich Stop, concept
    Halifax Dental Group, concept
    RoamWorks, concept
    Dark Knightz
    Dark Knightz, concept
    Mekka Miami
    MEKKA Miami, concept
    Debt To Millions
    Debt To Millions, concept
    Streamline Signage
    Streamline Signage, concept
    Ben's Fresh Mediterranean Food
    Ben's Fresh Mediterranean Food, concept
    PlayFox.tv, concept
    MJTate Consulting, INC.
    M. J. Tate Consoulting, inc.
    ART & STORM, Pure music
    Art & Storm, concept
    Service Note
    Service Note, concept
    Morgan Recycling
    Morgan Recycling, concept
    Innovative Recycling Solutions
    Innovative Recycling Solutions
  • ChristmasJumperShop.com
    Las Vegas Skin studio
    Las Vegas, Skin studio
    La Cucina Di Casa
    La Cucina Di Casa, concept
    GW Crystal
    GW Crystal, concept
    The Envidion Order
    The Envidion Order, concept 1
    The Envidion Order
    The Envidion Order, concept 2
    The Envidion Order
    The Envidion Order, concept 3
    Living Spaces
    Living Spaces, Creative Green Interiors
    Elite City Deals
    Elite City Deals, concept
    Elektric, concept
    Earth Base It
    Earth Base It, concept
    Ballet Body 4 Me
    Ballet Body 4 Me, concept
    Exotic Vehicle Group
    Exotic Vehicle Group, concept
    Armed American Radio
    Armed American Radio, concept
    CoffeeBreakSeminars.com, concept
    DJ Master Course
    DJ Master Course, concept
  • Bits Chipset
    Bits Chipset, concept
    Zilver Boutique Hotel, concept
    BizTree, concept
    Earth Wash, concept
    Win Future, concept
    Vigtees, concept
    Team found
    Team Found, concept
    Alternative Derived Fuels
    Alternative Derived Fuels, LLC, concept
    Iksteez, Serbian Extreme Wear
    TourTheFacts, concept
    TourTheFacts, concept
    Comics etc., concept
    Comics etc., concept
    Quick & Strong.com
    Quick & Strong.com
    Monkey Run, concept
    Monkey Run, concept
    DiscoverBB, concept
    DiscoverBB, concept
    Game Whizzers, concept
    Game Whizzers, concept
    MyZIP Mortgage, concept
    MyZIP Mortgage, concept